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Don’t You Just Love That New Chair Smell?

Properly cleaning your furniture is an important part of maintaining a relaxed, clean and healthy home environment. All American Rug Cleaning does a lot more than rugs and carpets.

Powerful Cleaning - Tender Care

We will apply the same tender loving care to your furniture.Powerful but gentile, our cleaning system is designed to restore and maintain that brand-new look and feel your furniture came with.

Each Fabric Needs A Special Treatment

Silks, synthetic blends, cottons, velvets, leather and suede all have special needs and cleaning considerations. Our friendly and professional crews are highly trained in manufacturers' recommendations and warranty requirements.

This enables us to recommend the cleaning treatments that are best suited to ensuring the longevity of your unique furnishings.

Smell Better, Look Better

Our all-green, organic approach literally explodes dirt, dander, and dust mites out of every crevice and gently lifts it away, leaving your sofas, chairs, ottomans and other upholstered items deep-down clean and fresh smelling.

Better still, our detailed cleaning process guarantees worry-free satisfaction. Call us at 866-765-0102 to arrange a free in-home consultation today, in New York.

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Bob Parks, Connecticut

Very good. I was very happy with how they cleaned the area my animal had soiled. Sofas are cleaner than I've ever seen them.