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Carpet Cleaning

Goal #1 – Getting back that new carpet feel and smell

Dirt and odors are enemies #1 and #2 for any carpet and most homes. Until your carpets are clean your home can never be clean.

Let All American Rug Cleaning return your entire home to you by cleaning the entire house or just that ONE room.

Extand The Life of Your Carpet

We understand that carpeting is a major home purchase that provides instant warmth and comfort. That's why our services are geared toward extending the life of your carpet while keeping it feeling and looking luxurious.

Expand The Life Of Your Carpets

Our professionally trained crews use only the best non-toxic, organic care systems that recognized as safe for children, pets, and your carpets.

A Cleaning That Fits Each Household

The entire process is done in accordance with the latest manufacturer recommendations and warranty requirements. We will be providing the highest-quality care for your carpet.

This removes the toughest spots, dirt, pet stains, and odors with hot-water extraction, taking them directly into our truck to never darken your floors again.

New Found Freshness- Smell & Look!

Our goal is to make this the easiest and best cleaning your carpets have received. To ensure this, all we ask is that you remove any fragile or valuable items from the rooms being cleaned.

Once that is done, we will do everything needed to get your carpets looking virtually new.

Expect Results - And Get Them

With All American Rug Cleaning, you can always expect state-of-the-art supplies and equipment and exceptional customer service.

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Carol McNelly, Connecticut

My carpet hadn't been cleaned in quite a while. I was embarrassed to call but knew I had to do it. Lou & Angelo didn't say a word about how dirty it was - just went right to work. When they finished it was spotless!