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Do The Right Choice, Protect Your Investment

installing carpet requires a complex knowledge of people skills, technical ability, craftsmanship.

If done right, it is a wise investment. Done wrong, and you are stuck with a higher price to be paid later, when the fixing comes.

The traditional and most frequently used style of carpet installation is "Over Padding". Before the carpet or rug is put down, padding should always be laid first.

Padding gives more cushioning for your feet and keeps the rug from sliding, which helps prevent slips, falls and spills.

Wall To Wall Coziness

For wall-to-wall carpeting installation, the most common method is to lay wooden tack strips around the perimeter of the room.

The tack strips have pins sticking up that grab the carpet and hold it in place. The tack strips are attached to the floor using small nails, which leave holes in the floor when the carpet is removed. The padding also is usually either nailed or stapled to the floor.

No Padding?

No padding is used in "Direct Glue Down" installation. Adhesive is spread on the floor, the carpet is laid down and all seams are made. The adhesive creates a permanent bond between the carpet and floor. This type of installation is most commonly used with commercial type carpets.

In residential applications it would be used in kitchens, basements and in outdoor situations like patios.

Many Great Solutions

Carpet can be seamed and trimmed to fit wall to wall without being attached to the floor in a "Loose Lay" Installation. Binding can be applied (usually this will be an in store service and the carpet can then be delivered to you upon completion) for a nice finished edge.

This type of installation is ideal in apartments were landlords will not allow installation of new carpeting, tile and wood floors that you don't want to damage with installation procedures, or situations were you will want to take your carpeting with you when you move.

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