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A Clean Bed, At Last

For years many pet owners and carpet cleaners attempted to remove this concern but with little or no success!

It was frustrating and something needed to be done, since the success rate was low most cleaners stayed away from offering this much needed service.

At that time the best that could be done was a topical treatment, but that only covered up and masked the concern for about 2 to 3 days.

The Importance Of A Clean Bed

Most people spend about 1/3 of their lives in this thing they call their bed.

Being human, our dead skin cells continue to shed from our bodies at a rate of about the size of a dollar bill per day. Over a short period of time, our beds become full of dead skin cells that become food for our little friends called dust mites. They say that the average bed contains about 2 million of these little guys. Can it be that your mattress needs cleaning?

Take your vacuum hose or a Shop-Vac and put a black piece of material over the end of your hose and vacuum the top of your mattress for about 30 seconds.

Don't feel bad on what you find because this is what is happening in all the areas where we spend most of our lives.

Get Rid Of Dust Mites

A little closer look at our dead skin cells shows us what dust mites live on and our beds are the best environments where dust mites can reproduce and thrive.

Dust mites are harmless little creatures, but they are so messy. Many people say they are allergic to dust mites - but the fact is that they are allergic only to their fecal matter. Their waste causes an allergic reaction that can make life most miserable.

A Solution

So what can we do about this dilemma?

I am glad you asked because this is where I step in. We have a process to not only extract the dust mites and their waste from your mattress – we have an all-natural, safe product to stop them from returning.

It works very well and at a price that is easy on the wallet. We will clean and treat both sides of your mattress and it will dry in about 1 hour.

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Could not wish for more! The urine spots from my old dog are mostly gone. They were on time, honest, reliable, courteous.